Installing the drain: over concrete slab The first example below is showing a drain over a new slab which usually doesn't require any chiseling. But if your remodeling and replacing a fiberglass pan with a tile pan, you will likely need to remove the old drain and chisel or jack hammer around the pipe area to allow enough room to set the drain and make the bottom half flush with the concrete subfloor. Consult a plumber if you're unsure of what you're doing.
1.  Most new construction homes built over slab have a plastic box placed over the area where the plumbing is to be exposed after the slab is poured and dry. The plumber breaks the top portion of the box to reveal the plumbing below. This is the easiest scenario to set the drain flush with the slab. Once the drain is set you need to fill the exposed drain area with concrete. Leave the bolts in the drain so they don't get filled with concrete. Trowel around the bottom portion of the drain to smooth it out. Allow at least one day for the concrete to dry before you have the hot mopper come. 2. Here is what a finished job looks like. This particular plumber was a little sloppy, but I've seen worse. Try to make it as clean and smooth as you can. If it's too rough it could potentially cause problems due to the tar not adhering to the subfloor. Make sure you set the drain properly BEFORE you pour the concrete! We cannot seal around the drain if it is sett too high or too low! You will have to redo it if it's wrong! The cast iron drain comes in two halves. The bottom half connects to the drain pipe. Idealy you want the top portion of the bottom half of the drain flange to be flush with the subfloor. You have about +/- 1/4 play up or down. Any more than that and it can be a problem.
3. This customer gets the "Prettiest Concrete" award. And he was a novice to boot. Look how clean and smooth his concrete work is. You can hardly tell where the old concrete and the new concrete meet. Nice job! 4. Here's an example a drain not to install. This drain is made out of ABS plastic and is meant for neoprene membrane pans not hot tar pans.
5.  Another example of an ABS drain not to install for hot tar pans.

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