Q. Is there any way to minimize the tar smell that permeates the house during installation?

A. This question is for remodeling projects. Unfortunately they don't make odorless tar, but there are a couple things I try to do to minimize the temporary smell, and there are some thing you can do as well. First I open any nearby windows. Second I close any nearby closet or bedroom doors. I sometimes bring a small fan for the room I work in, but the more the merrier, if you own one too plug it in and point it toward the bathroom so that the smoke blows out the window--whole house fans work great too. If the shower pan is in a bedroom area such as a master you may want to remove the covers from the bed and put them in another room. Leave the sheets on to cover the mattress. If you smell tar in the sheets after the job is done you can put them in the wash. Having said all this, I've never had a customer complain that they couldn't get rid of the tar odor from their house, sheets or curtains. The smell completely dissipates after a day.